National Park Nockberge - Millstätter Lake - Nature Experience

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Sunset on the starlit balcony

Götzfried-Hof Angebot - Sonnenuntergang am Millstätter SeePicnic for two

Whether you would like to enjoy life and nature on a lush mountain pasture, on the shore of Millstätter Lake, or under a starry sky:

the Mirnock farmers, whose farms are located at the foot of the renowned Mirnock mountain, have filled a picnic basket for you: with homemade bacon and sausage specialities, aromatic cheese, curd cheese spread and freshly baked bread. And of course a little bottle of elderberry juice and a glass of champagne. As a hearty gastronomic finale there are "Mirnock eyes" – farmer's donuts with a jam filling.

The package includes:

  • A Mirnock farmers' picnic basket for two people

Lassen Sie's sich schmecken!

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