Our seaside beach

a jump into the refreshing water

Jumping into the lake is like dipping into a bottle of mineral water. The lake has drinking water quality class A and the soil gives the water a great softness so that you feel as if you are surrounded by silk. Temperatures range between 23° and 28° in midsummer.


We offer our guests our own small seaside resort, where each family has its own changing room and 2 deckchairs.

In the bath house there is a coffee machine, a kettle and a refrigerator. On a hot summer day you can also enjoy your coffee here in the shade of the boat room, which is furnished with tables and chairs.


If you feel the urge for action, you can, a few steps away from the seaside resort, enter one of the ships on the lake to enjoy a small lake cruise.

If you like to spend your days at the lake and need a change, you can also visit the public lido in Dellach, which is preserved in a lovingly retro style.

Dellach 86,

A-9872 Millstatt
Carinthia, Austri


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