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Direct marketing at the Götzfriedhof

The basis of all the activities at Götzfried Hof is, of course, agriculture. Today Stefan takes care of it. With a lot of passion, the young farmer cares for his cattle and above all for the landscape here at Lake Millstätter See.  This care and nurturing can also be seen in the products. Because love doesn't only go through the stomach for us humans. 

His great passion, however, is probably the most important insect in the world - the bees. His bee colonies get only the best food in the magnificent nature of the Nockberge mountains and collect nectar, which then becomes that which our grandparents already used as an all-purpose remedy: Honey. Honey is not called liquid gold for nothing, and when it comes from the Nockberge mountains it is simply a delight.

A colourful flock of chickens and ducks can always be found at the farm. And they also give the best for our breakfast: their eggs. Free-range husbandry and thus truly species-appropriate husbandry is a matter of course here, and of course the rooster is also allowed to grow old with us.

In summer on the alpine pasture, in winter on the farm. Our cows are actually on holiday all year round. And accordingly, they also give us their milk in a unique quality. Stefan processes this milk into curd cheese and the famous Haberkas - which is really only available in the Nockberge mountains. You can taste the love for the animals.

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