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The Götzfried Hof

since 1477

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The first documented mention of the fief "Gottfried am Faszt" (= forest) dates back to 1477. However, it was not until the 1960s that we welcomed holiday guests to the farm for the first time. The well-being of our valued guests has been important to us for over 50 years . 

Our farm is situated on a beautiful hillside in Dellach on Lake Millstatt. Below the farm, the lake extends in all its glory and the surrounding mountains round off the panorama wonderfully.


The rooms and flats are newly designed and offer you comfortable furnishings in 3-star quality. On our farm you will experience the flair of rural idyll and cosiness far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Götzfried-Hof is an ideal starting point for hikes, swimming fun at the lake, mountain bike or bicycle tours, cultural excursions as well as for short trips to Italy or Slovenia.


Today, 3 generations live on the farm: Grandpa Lois, Vroni and Alois jun. and Stefan. Senior Lois "at work" is a picture worth seeing in summer: a leisurely hike with our guests is still one of his favourite pastimes, and while doing so you can also hear one or two stories about "the old days" from him.

Stefan loves to give "farm tours" and proudly presents the many animals on the farm.

We converted our barn into a playpen. This is how our cows feel most comfortable. The calves are always allowed to run with their mother - just as it should be in nature. But there are also rabbits to pet, chickens that scratch around outdoors and lay eggs for breakfast, and two goats romp about on the farm. In the summer months it gets a little quieter, because that's when our cows go to the Alm for the summer holidays.

We often visit our cows in their "summer residence". You are also welcome to accompany us on these alpine excursions. Beautiful hiking routes lead to the Millstätter Alm. There, at 1500m above sea level, is our Götzfried hut: An alpine hut with the charm of days gone by but still with comfort, so that  Your alpine holiday will be an unforgettable experience.


You will feel good!

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