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The smell of childhood

Enjoyment at any time of the day


When Vroni Palle is in the kitchen, the whole farm at Götzfried smells. That's when you want to be a child again and be in the kitchen with her. You want to nibble on the whisk with which she has just sprinkled the chocolate cake, you want to taste the first small sample of the still hot jam and you want to sit in front of the oven and wait until the Reindling has reached the right size.

When the first rays of sunshine shine into the room in the morning, Vroni Palle is already preparing breakfast for her guests. Because a good day starts with a healthy breakfast. Vroni mainly serves products that she makes herself. The bacon is made by her son, she gets the fresh eggs from the henhouse early in the morning, the smell of the freshly baked cake is still in the air and the local baker has just brought the fresh rolls. 


The regional breakfast, the beautifully set table and the wonderful view of Lake Millstätter See - there is no better way to start a day.

There are also many culinary highlights to discover around the Götzfried. For example, the village of Millstatt has been a Slow Food Village since 2010. A great variety of local food has developed in Millstatt - from the Reinanke in the lake to the cheese on the alpine pasture. The products are available from the farm, at the market, in the Bauernschmaus Häusl or in the Greißlerei - but also in the numerous restaurants, cafés and inns around Lake Millstatt.

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